Frequently Asked

What is Picksha?

Picksha is a social cloud platform to create online albums on specific topics or events. At Picksha we believe the most important memories have to be shared and collected together so that everybody can participate and contribute to collective memories.

How to use Picksha?

We give people the ability to collect memories together in a way as easy as it can be so collecting memories isn’t stress but fun. So we had to develop Picksha: a platform where you can contribute your memories like photos, videos, music and files with others at the same event like a wedding or birthday party

How can I register for Picksha?

Enter your name and your e-mail address on the Signup page or register with your facebook account with one click. You will then receive a link via e-mail. Just click on the link, to confirm your registration.

Which personal information is required?

For registering your account on Picksha all you need is a valid Email address and a username.

What do you do with my personal information?

Your personal information is only used to create a personalized user account for you and to help your friends to find you.

Is it possible to use Picksha without Facebook Connect?

Yes, we use Facebook Connect to make the login process easier on your part and to invite people to albums using Facebook. But in case you don't want to connect your profile to Facebook, it still works perfectly fine.

I forgot my password! What can I do now?

Click on the login menu and select "Forgot your password?". Then enter your Email address associated with your account and your new password.

How do I invite people to an album?

To invite people to an album, go to the album and click at “Invite friends”. You will now have to choose your friends on Picksha or if you can send them a link to the album. Please keep in mind that there are different privacy options. Sharing a private album by publicly posting a link on facebook might not work according your album settings.

How can I create an album?

Login and click "Create Album"

Are there any limits concerning the upload of files?

Once you joined Picksha, you can upload up to 50 files in every album. Files uploaded from other people do not affect your upload counter. It is possible to earn more free space by using Picksha actively, for example by inviting 5 friends to Picksha.

How can I upload a photo?

You can upload photos by creating a new album or adding photos to an already existing album.

What file types are supported?

We support most of the file types like JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4 files.

How can I download a photo?

When you have the permission you can download the file on clicking "Download" in the top area of the file.

How can I change the visibility of an album?

You can individually change the visibility for your own albums. The default setting is always "Visible for friends" so that only your friends can see the your album.